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Vioxii Dede a.k.a Victor Otieno Dede is a Swahili Mc who hails from Migori and has been keeping the Hip Hop Scene on toes with his Educative Societal Consciousness Rap.

With two Albums now he has proved his consistency in majoring in classics and for all those who have had an opportunity to listen to one or both of his albums can assert to this.

Huru Kwa Minyororo was his first 15 track album released in 2014 with tracks like Maziwa Meusi featuring Kingskoh And  P The Mc from Tanzinia among others that did quit well in Kenya and Tanzania as well. He came back with Maktaba Ya Mitaa an 18 track album with features of Nikki Mbishi,  Nash Mc,  P The Mc, Zakah Wenyeji,  Nafsi Huru, Kitu Sewer among others giving it a collective East African package. He probably is one among the Best Hip Hop Mc in Kenyan Hip Hop arena to watch out for.

To get his copy check him out on,

whatsapp 0714883998

Twitter @ vioxidede

Instagram @vioxiidede